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Let the lawn take a breath

For lovers of beautiful lawns, I created a great tool based on the pattern of English lawns. I combined the classic aerification tools with modern hollow professional tips of conical shape. In addition, with the possibility of using three different tips diameters.

Give your lawn the best, it will reward you.

Aeration forks with hollow thorns - aeration forks

The best aeration forks on the market

I'm not a professional lawn. A few years ago I wanted to aerate the lawn at the house. As I saw it on golf courses. But it wasn't what! I remembered one 100 -year -old photo from England, where a bunch of gardeners aerated a golf green with something like a pitchfork.

After months of testing, there were forks with hollow tips in the world.

Neighbors asked: What do I have? What is it for? Can you make it too? This is the beginning of the production of this great helper.

Aerification (aeration) forks

robus (for a lifetime)

practical (conical hollow spikes from professional stands, no cut tubes)

universal (can be used 3 different thickness of hollow tips)

versatile (sometimes you need to go to depth, the possibility of a hole up to 15 cm)

Czech (frame production takes place in one smaller Prague locksmith)

Then there was only a step to this e-shop.

Let you and your lawn are doing well. It wishes you an enthusiastic lawnist

Marek Izera

Aerifikační vidle

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